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Dr Pet Hotel it’s a free cages Hotel, this means that dogs are free and coexist with other pets.

Pets are divided according to their same characteristics in character and sizes; we have dogs and cats are in different areas so that they can be more comfortable.

The cost of the hotel is charged per night your pet sleep with us, and must be paid at the time of the pet's check in.

The Check in and check out hours is between 8:30 until 20:00 from Monday to Saturday and Sundays from 8:30 to 15:30.

We have delivery service available in several neighborhoods in the city. Ask if your address is in our list of delivery service.

When your pet sleeps 6 nights at our Hotel, a courtesy Bath is offered to him/her. If they do not stays 6 nights, we recommend you to request your bathing service, because they are coexisting with other pets, and they get a little dirty.

· C A N I N E S ·

Do I need to take my puppy's bed?

No, the puppies sleep on individual cages according to their size; cages are equipped with mats and blankets. 

Do I need to carry their food?

Only if your pet has an specific kind of nutrition, homemade cook, or medical kibble; If your pet do not require any of them, our service includes the food with Premium Nupec or Dog Chow. You don’t need to worry about their eating we offered their food individually. 

Should my pet have to be vaccinated?

Yes, we request as an indispensable requirement to present your Vaccination Card with the following vaccines: 

· MULTIPLE (every year)
· RABBIES (every year)
· KENNEL COUGH (every year)
· INTESTINAL DEWORMING (every four months) 

· F E L I N E S ·

Cats have a special room where they can be free, no dogs allowed. It is decorated with boxes, toys, scratchers, shelves on the wall, sandboxes and beds. We know cats are not that sociable with other cats, but we have notice that in a neutral terrain, they do not present these characteristics and they coexists without problems. 

Cats are very special with their foods, that’s the cause we request to bring their regular food so we don´t make that change. 

Should my pet have to be vaccinated?
Yes, we request as an indispensable requirement to present your Vaccination Card with the following vaccines: 

· TRIPLE FELINE (every year)
· RABBIES (every year)
· LEUKEMIA (every year)
· INTESTINAL DEWORMING (every four months)


· Before Check in:

We request you to make a reservation indicating date of entry and exit, if it is in high season (Christmas, New Year, Easter, etc.) It is necessary to give a advance payment of 50% per pet to respect your reservation.

We need your complete information in case we had to contact you for any situation, all your pet's profile are also necessary: Name, Breed, Age, Sex, Color, Feeding and Reproductive Status.

· Check in:

It is advisable to have 20 - 30 minutes of time on the day of the pet's admission, as it must undergo a general medical check-up. In this review the doctors make sure of:

  1. The pets do not show signs of any contagious disease, injuries or wounds, as well as the presence of Zeal (reproductive stage) in unsterilized females.
  2. Check of vaccination card, if you have any vaccine or deworming pending, you must apply at least 7 days before entering at our hotel.
  3. That they do not present fleas / ticks. In case of presenting any of them, a tablet should be administered to eliminate these parasites. The animal will be in isolation for 24 hours, which is the period when the product completes its flea / tick effect.
  4. Know a little about the character of the pet and how manageable it will be during their stay with us. During this review, it is important that you tell us any details about your pet, such as habits they are used to, actions that we know are not to your liking, behavior with other pets, if they are under any medication, etc.

Upon completion the medical review, your pet will be identified with a ribbon with their name on it. And we will be returned each and every one of your belongings. It´s not necessary to leave dishes, necklaces, beds, sweaters, etc. The only objects we receive are Kibbles and Medicine.

Then, you will go to reception to make your Check in and the liquidation of the service at the moment the pet enters at the Hotel. It is important to mention the time of Check out of the pet on the day of your Hotel Exit, in case they require any service like Bath, you can ensure that it is ready when you arrive for it.

· During your trip:

Rest assured that your pet is in good hands, we are always aware of your diet, welfare and comfort. Any situation that could happen with your pet, we are trained to attend it.

You can call us to have knowledge of how they are developed in the Hotel of Free Coexistence.

We also have the possibility to send photos or videos by WhatsApp.

Consider that your pet misses you and it is normal to eat less than usual, or behave differently with us than with you at home.

· The day of check up from the hotel:

Let us know in case you decide to arrive earlier for your pet, since the services of the Bathtub area are scheduled according to the delivery time of each pet. Let us know also if it is going to be another person who picks up your pet. Evenly, call or write us if your pet will stay more nights with us, since once the bath is done, the pet is kept in individual cages so that it does not get dirty again and is ready to receive you.

Try to arrive before 20:00 for him and receive it with great joy that besides having fun with us, he also missed you. Do not forget to take your food or medications in case you have left them with us.